If I Could Turn Back Time

If you could return to the past to relive a part of your life, either to experience the wonderful bits again, or to do something over, which part of you life would you return to? Why?

Well, here I am again. At it again, on my scruffy blog. I promise I will tidy it up soon and delete all the tests and trials and make it look like “home” which is the way so many people seem to refer to their blogs.

That seems to be a running theme for me. “Tidy it up soon. Get round to it later. Deal with that when I’ve done this”. How many times have I said that or something similar in my life?

Well, could I relive it all again? Not just a part! I mean every last second and not put things off but get them done straight away? How would that change my life?

Radically! I wouldn’t be here now. That is, here in Cambodia. I wouldn’t have spent 10 years in Spain. Or 20 in France. I wouldn’t have my daughters. Nor would I have run any amateur drama groups. I wouldn’t have done infographie and spent years using Macs. I wouldn’t know any of the people I do now. I wouldn’t have posted on my facebook page today about the three garment worker trade union leaders, whom I am friends with, and who have been put in jail yesterday for defending human rights.

No, none of all this would happen. So, relive, change, experience or do again. Nah!

Oh, and I’ll get round to tidying up the blog when I’m ready.

Picture for the blog? Come back in an hour or two and maybe I’ll have found one and slipped it in.
If I Could Turn Back Time


Teen Age Idol

Ok, here we go!

I guess it’s in order that I apologise for the state of this website/blog before we go any further. It’s because I’m learning. Trying things out. Playing. Doing what I enjoy, perhaps.

On my learning curve I came across the daily prompt and thought “Why not?”… “Do it?”

Here’s the pingback I’ve studied in the afternoon. Teen Age Idol

Search and you will find my trial runs at understanding pingbacks.

Commodore 64 was the first computer I owned, with a tape cassette to load the data. But, boy wasn’t it amazing what you could do with a one and a zero. Those people who understood basic and could turn a greenish screen into a magical world of dancing pixels that would respond to your clicks and commands.

I tried to understand how it all worked but it was beyond me and so as time went by and with it the advantage of getting on the bottom rung of Information Technology I did other things, creative and not so creative.

I had an Amstrad after the Commodore and then a Compaq if memory serves me well. Then I started working in graphic design and became a staunch advocat of the merits of Mac.

Loved it. Mac was king, so clean and intuitive to use. Easy!

Now, I’m writing on a laptop (windows) and still wishing I could be like those idols of the last century and understand just how it all works!

Oh, every post should have a photo, shouldn’t it?

Grinding rice to make Bang Chow for dinner
Grinding rice to make Bang Chow for dinner
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