Getting fit

What’s your favorite fitness regime? What are your tips and tricks to pulling the scales back from the brink of disaster?

I’m getting horribly fat and I’ve just got to do something about it. You know that feeling when you see your reflection in a shop window and are surprised by the person you see staring back at you. I still have this image in my mind of the healthy, muscular youngster I once used to be. But no more! The illusion is shattered and I see myself for what I really am. A fat man. I mean, I don’t wear some of my tee shirts because they are too tight, and that is too tight in the not nice way. They aren’t muscle hugging designer wear. They are like a sports bra on a 100 kilo boobie. So exercise regime is on the cards.

I got myself a cross-trainer thingy and am doing 2 sessions of 20 minutes each morning and evening. I tried doing the first just before breakfast but there is a bedroom just below me and as I wake at six o’clock I don’t want to disturb anyone. So my first session is after breakfast. Did I mention that I cannot say “NO” and at each meal I am asked “Would you like some more?”? (Some clever soul might like to tell me how I should have punctuated that last sentence please).

After a copious lunch, I have been known to slip another session in but usually I resist and snooze a little on the couch before going out to do a little work.

At about five o’clock, comes the last session of the day. Just twenty minutes but in 30-35 degrees C. and an infernal Cambodian humidity the sweat is running like a river.

Dinner at six and a few beers before bed.

When I read this it’s no wonder I’m fat. But I need you to tell me to cut out the second portions at meal times. Resist that beer on the roof as the sun goes down or the moon comes up.

I do take two days rest from exercise too.

Ok, now it’s your turn.


7 thoughts on “Getting fit”

  1. Yes, I was at my best on a diet of a 40 minute run every morning, but lost the habit. Now I’m here in Phnom Penh it’s just not conducive to run outside. Some of my best thinking happens when running.

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  2. I will try to eat less rice but the rice I have here is so good it will be hard. Never been a fan of soda so this isn’t a problem. But more water and less beer! Well, I suppose sacrifices must be made. Thanks for your advice.

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