Never Again

Have you ever gone to a new place or tried a new experience and thought to yourself, “I’m never doing that again!” Tell us about it.

The whole process of getting drunk begins in a beautiful manner. The pouring of the first glass. Tantalising and sensuous. Its perfume filling your nostrils as you press your lips closer, eager to taste the divine sweetness. You feel incredibly satisfied and fulfilled as the wet gold tickles your throat and only one thought is on your mind. “I want more!” I know I should be careful and take it slowly, but the pleasure is so intense that I throw caution to the wind and feel incredibly liberated as the drink plays with my emotions telling me all sorts of things, so convincingly that I reply, “Yes, I believe you.”

Then, suddenly things change, the pleasure is no longer as spontaneous and intense. Each new glass is just a continuation of the last and there to be drunk without any preliminary glances or tenderness. Hop la boom! Down the hatch! My mouth becomes more clumsy and insensitive. A slight dribble runs down my chin but is quickly wiped away with a tissue. My speech begins to slur and reality becomes a little blurred.

Bent over an open toilet, retching on an empty stomach. Gone are all the inhibitions and niceties. Let’s get this over with. How can I carry all this inside me? Just let’s get it out and return to normality.

“Never again, I moan”.

But, it is not the last time.  Cheers!

Never Again


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