Three day quote challenge ii

For this Challenge, the rules are:

  1. Post three consecutive days.
  2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.

So, today is day two of the Three Day Quote Challenge and once again I would like to thank Ann of WRITE THEM ALL for challenging me to do it.

As I said yesterday, I urge you all to have a look at WRITE THEM ALL as it is a really lovely blog, charming and moving in its openness and honesty. It is a blog that I am sure to have a look at everyday just to see what new snippet is there. Follow the link and have a look for yourself. You can even do so immediately and not even return here, if you like, I don’t mind.

OK! Three quotes for today. Here we go:

Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.

It opens the lungs, washes the countenance, exercises the eyes, and softens down the temper; so cry away.

‘Tis love that makes the world go round, my baby.

I have deliberately left out the author’s name for these three quotations because I would like you to try to work out who they are attributed to. As I did with yesterday’s quotes, I took quotations from just one person.

I would suggest to those of you who might be still unsure as to who the speaker is that the second quote is perhaps most typical of his/her style. For those who know the answer! Wow! You’re good! I would never have thought the first one came out of the lips of this person. And the last, well, I thought “love makes the world go round” was from someone else.

Try not to just Google it, but rendezvous here tomorrow for the answer and of course, three more quotations.

Curiously, or not so curiously, yesterday I got no “likes” nor “comments”. I wonder why. Perhaps I should avoid quoting other people and just write my own stuff?

One last hint as to the author of the quotes. “We are so very ‘umble.”

If you have read any of these quotes and found them interesting or amusing, I welcome your comments. Also I would be interested to see who you believe the speaker to be. Feel free to comment or like the page. No strings attached!

Oh and check out WRITE THEM ALL


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