It’s a new day

Well, here’s a quick post. You might ask yourselves why I start like that and I’ll tell you the answer.

When I started this blog, I derived enjoyment just by learning how a blog/website could be created using WordPress or any of the other creation sites that exist. I always shied away from the actual activity of a blog. Writing! I filled posts and pages with “Lorem Ipsum”, Test photos and imported files from Flickr, You tube and servers based heaven knows where.

Then I came across the “Daily Prompt” and vowed to write a post, anything, come what may, each day and nurture my blog with photos and drawings and interesting thing that floated through my consciousness.

But, hey! It’s not that easy! I know all you veteran bloggers and writers are smirking and thinking, “He! He! He! Another who thought it was easy!” Hats off to you ardent bloggers. I bow down to you post-a-day people. Sincerely, I wish I had your apparent ease in blogging. (By the way, I hate the word blogging. It really doesn’t do what you are doing justice).

So, today, without a daily prompt, just because I do actually enjoy it, here is my posting. Is it a post or a posting? Anyway, first for February. And you know what? I feel better now than I did half an hour ago.

That’s it! All for today. I’ll browse a bit and read some of you now. Forgive me if I don’t “comment” or “like”, I do know how nice it is to see someone is actually reading.


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