Life After Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

IMAG1745My immediate thought was “bleak” but then I got to thinking and to be quite honest I don’t think it would be too bad. Don’t get me wrong, I go cold turkey each time the internet is down, along with the rest of them and not a day goes by, under normal circumstances, without me using my computer/s. At one time I had 3! Mac, Tower and laptop all in use most of the time. Now I just have a laptop since I moved to Cambodia. In the house there are 3 laptops; 4 smart phones and 2 tablets.
_IGP9109So, to be clear, we are talking about “life without a computer”. Not a life without internet. I could be cheeky and say no problem I’ll use my smart phone. But I won’t do that, I’ll live without my computer. No more blogging. No more meandering through the information accessible to me on the internet. No more TV. That’s digital. No more air-conditioning. No fridge or car or fan or… the list goes on.
But I would survive. My wife’s family are farmers living on an island on the Mekong river. They just built an inside toilet a couple of years ago and have electricity now. Before electricity was supplied by car batteries charged by someone who did just that. He must have gone crazy with the arrival of mains electricity on the island. There they have no electric fans, all the washing is done by hand. Water is carried into the house in buckets (you just tip a liter or so of water down the toilet to flush it). When we go there, I feel a little out-of-place but after a few days the rhythm of life kicks in and when it’s time to return to Phnom Penh we are a sad to leave such an uncluttered existence.
Life After Blogs


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