the Liebster Award

First and foremost I want to do all the things that I have been asked to do with regards to this Liebster Award thingy that I have been sent.

I guess it is my own fault really because I was cheeky and just put a picture in my about page and said that I could not think of anything to say about myself.

So first things first:
Rule One:
Make sure to link back your nominator.

A very big THANK YOU to unconditional love demander and reality experiencer Ann. Thank you for the nomination and taking the time to look at my  About me page in an attempt to discover more about me. I must say that other readers would do well to follow the link to your blog as I am sure they will find many interesting things and amusing facts. Do follow this link to “Write them All” before reading any further and if you remember how you got there come back here and continue reading.

Rule Two:
Give a shout out to him or her.

Nick: ‘I just want to give a shout out to “Write them All” author Ann’.

Rule Three:
Make sure that your nominees do the same.

Okay now, come on guys don’t let the side down, eh? I nominate you and you nominate me. Simple. Just a second, I’m not sure it works like that. Look just read the rules in isolation and come out with your own interpretation. I’m counting on you. Really. It’s not a game. Just do it. You’ll feel better when you have. I promise. Hey! Just do what feels best! Only you know what that is.

Rule Four:
Tell 5 things about yourself.

Go to the specially created Five things about me  page to discover 5 interesting facts about me.

Rule Five:
Name 5 nominees.

And the nominees are:


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