Language evolves. The meaning of a word can shift over time as we use it differently — think of “cool,” “heavy,” or even “literally.”

Today, give a word an evolutionary push: give a common word a new meaning, explain it to us, and use it in the title of your post.

It has always been my opinion that the evolution of language is something that should be welcomed but with a slight reservation.

I remember hearing about a student writing his assignment in “text-speak”.  He got a good mark I think and so he should, in my opinion. He had an idea and exploited it and was rewarded for his ingenuity. I wonder if any blogs have followed his example.

Since I started this blog a few days ago I have discovered many different writers from all over the world. Some, I found, very talented and some less talented. One writer insisted on leaving everything in lowercase. Maybe you can write more quickly like that. Whatever the reason is, he had adopted his style and who am I to object. I am guilty of writing text messages with no capitals, and some consisting entirely of capitals. Or should I be consistent and say entirely in uppercase? The point  is, sadly, I was so bemused by the lack of capitals that I did not take in anything at all about what he was saying. So I can say, it didn’t work for me.

I don’t want to say you have to follow the rules and speak and write correctly. Just be sure that the way you choose to do so is a step forwards, not backwards. An evolution.



4 thoughts on “Morphing”

  1. I was worried I would come over as someone who does not tolerate change. Thanks for your comment and for reading. As you know I’m still finding my feet so your encouragement is appreciated. Thank you.


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