100 20 things about me

  1. I live in Cambodia
  2. I like lots of different music but have always been excited by Trance.
  3. Used to run two amateur dramatic groups in France.
  4. I really like contemporary dance.
  5. Would like to be good at everything I put my hand to.
  6. Can act! Very well, but didn’t pursue it to the end. Stupid me!
  7. Number 6 is the first big regret of my life.
  8. Worked in USA, Spain, France, UK and Cambodia.
  9. Am romantic.
  10. Started working as a Graphic Designer when I started living in France.
  11. Like Sushi
  12. Adored Isabelle Huppert in her early films.
  13. Had a crush on Anna Raeburn. (She’s now 71 yrs old I believe). Yikes!
  14. Wore Sta Press trousers and Paraboots. (Not at the same time)
  15. Believe in buying quality classics over 70% reduced bargains.
  16. Like computers.
  17. Really love escape games and some point and click adventures.
  18. Like only three pieces of furniture in my home.
  19. Can speak French, Spanish and English. All badly.
  20. Have eaten spiders, cow lung, crickets, frogs legs, snails, duck feet and tapioca.
  21. To be cont…
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