Massage unusual

Have you ever had something strange happen to you? Something that caught you so unawares that it just happened and you were left thinking, “Did that just… No, I’m dreaming…?”

I had occasion to go out of Phnom Penh and spend the day visiting garment workers in Prey Veng. It was a long day and apart from being unbearably hot it was quite boring for me as I don’t speak the language and my colleagues were talking to the workers about trade union laws and their human rights in the workplace in Cambodian.

Eventually, we headed for home after a full day driving from factory to factory during the day. It was dark when we arrived back in Phnom Penh and we were happy to eat in a restaurant together after a gruelling day.

Great meal, first time I ate duck’s feet and was really surprised. They were fabulous, succulent and the (I don’t suppose you can say meat really but whatever it is) fell off the “feet” and melted in your mouth. A real delight, believe me!

We also had cow’s brain which I’d had before and didn’t really take to but here it was just perfect. I think it helped that the restaurant was very dimly lit.

Anyway, to get back to the real point of this post, it had been one of those days where from very early on you wanted to have a pee but, well, it just wasn’t opportune during the day and the build up had been fluctuating between an urgency and I can handle this  for a good many kilometers.

On arriving at the restaurant, my first port of call was the toilet and after having established generally where it was I strode out, a man with a purpose! I followed the low lit signs and found a urinal perfect for the task in hand.

What relief!

Then, two hands clasped my shoulders! Thumbs expertly dug into my aching neck. The stream had started and wasn’t about to stop so my assailant was my master. I wish I could describe the pleasure of the massage the unseen person gave me. There was nothing sexual about the encounter, just a professional service for a jaded traveller after a long day. He removed my glasses and sensitively massaged my temples. Just the right intensity of pressure. Just the thing to make me relax. All from behind, all with such a confidence and expertise that I allowed myself to follow his demands.

And then it was over! A pee can only last so long, even after a whole day’s accumulation. He was about thirty I guess, not unpleasant visually very good at massage. 2000 riels was the change I handed over. He was happy, I was happy. If wtf ever had a sense, this was the moment.

I rejoined my colleagues and recounted the events and they agreed, yes, 2000 riel was not unreasonable. That is in US dollars, 50 cents!

I still have to return to the same restaurant and see if it’s a regular occurrence. It was… well, as good as Duck’s feet.


Getting fit

What’s your favorite fitness regime? What are your tips and tricks to pulling the scales back from the brink of disaster?

I’m getting horribly fat and I’ve just got to do something about it. You know that feeling when you see your reflection in a shop window and are surprised by the person you see staring back at you. I still have this image in my mind of the healthy, muscular youngster I once used to be. But no more! The illusion is shattered and I see myself for what I really am. A fat man. I mean, I don’t wear some of my tee shirts because they are too tight, and that is too tight in the not nice way. They aren’t muscle hugging designer wear. They are like a sports bra on a 100 kilo boobie. So exercise regime is on the cards.

I got myself a cross-trainer thingy and am doing 2 sessions of 20 minutes each morning and evening. I tried doing the first just before breakfast but there is a bedroom just below me and as I wake at six o’clock I don’t want to disturb anyone. So my first session is after breakfast. Did I mention that I cannot say “NO” and at each meal I am asked “Would you like some more?”? (Some clever soul might like to tell me how I should have punctuated that last sentence please).

After a copious lunch, I have been known to slip another session in but usually I resist and snooze a little on the couch before going out to do a little work.

At about five o’clock, comes the last session of the day. Just twenty minutes but in 30-35 degrees C. and an infernal Cambodian humidity the sweat is running like a river.

Dinner at six and a few beers before bed.

When I read this it’s no wonder I’m fat. But I need you to tell me to cut out the second portions at meal times. Resist that beer on the roof as the sun goes down or the moon comes up.

I do take two days rest from exercise too.

Ok, now it’s your turn.

What’s love got to do with it?

1. What’s your opinion of love? Does it exist? Are you in love? How do you know?

This is my response to Mars Gone Mad’s post. Well, worth the read, in my opinion.

Thanks, Mars Gone Mad, for the invite to write in your comments section. I was disappointed when I scrolled down to see that no-one had in fact taken you up on your offer.
Okay, here goes! As you can see, I’ve decided to tell you a bit about what I think about love and if it exists or not and so on.
I guess that it all depends on what you define as love as to whether it exists or not. I seem to remember somewhere in the dark reaches of my mind that someone once said, if you can imagine it, it exists. Think of the most abhorrent act that you can conceive and I bet my bottom dollar that someone, somewhere has done it. Appalling as it might be, it exists. The world is a terrible place.
But before you turn away in disgust, let me just offer the idea that if we can imagine something despicable we can also imagine an incredibly passionate, tender, caring thing. Something that, to some people, might fall under the label of love.
In my opinion, the chances of meeting that soul mate who fulfils your very being; who gives you everything that you long for in a relationship; well it doesn’t happen! Well, not for me anyway, (so far)! I think that, “so far” is significant. There is always hope, isn’t there?
I do have a partner, a wife, a significant other and throughout my life I have had many. Yes, there have been many people to whom I felt happy to say, I love you. Not lying to them, not deceiving them in any way; but being in a relational state that is sufficiently agreeable to consider spending significant time in their company. After all, we love our children and we didn’t choose them. Time together kindles love in a couple. Arranged marriages sometimes work when both parties are willing to make the necessary concessions to have a relationship together.
Love, could be, should be beautiful, wonderful, all enveloping and unconditional. Yes, it does exist, but for very, very, very few people in the world. I have said, “I love you”, and meant it. How do you know if you are in love?—you don’t!—if it was that easy no one would be in LOVE!
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